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From small scale home renovation work to larger scale residential and commercial construction, it is always essential that jobsite workers and visitors have clean and comfortable porta potties to use. Getting such rentals squared away up front can help ensure that everything is properly in place for the duration of the project. An industry leader, Fence Factory Rentals has many years of quality experience providing top-tier porta potty rentals for construction sites across Southern and Central California. With exceptional products, highly competitive prices, and consistently fantastic customer service, our company has become a top choice for those in need of a porta potty near Santa Clarita CA.

As a means of ensuring that we are able to provide effective portable toilet options for all types of construction sites, we’ve assembled a varied inventory of quality rentals. The team at Fence Factory Rentals is committed to getting all construction toilets delivered on time and in excellent working order. Skilled and knowledgeable beyond compare, our staff does a truly incredible job of providing a pleasant and hassle-free rental experience from start to finish. To help the Santa Clarita porta potties remain as fresh as possible over the course of the project, we include a wonderfully fragrant disc in each toilet that workers are sure to appreciate.

Customer rented affordable portable toilets near Santa Clarita, California for job site.


Among the most requested construction toilet rentals we have available, our standard portable toilet is a basic non-flushing model that is great for use at all kinds of construction sites. Each of these porta potties is equipped with an anti-slip draining floor, locking mechanism for privacy, 3 rolls of toilet paper, and an odor mitigating disc. We also have seat covers available for additional sanitary protection if desired. When it comes to a typical 5-day work week, guidelines dictate that there should be at least 1 toilet for every 10 workers on the job. Given that these particular portable toilets do not feature sinks, we strongly encourage customers to also rent as many exterior hand wash stations as need be. We usually come to the job site once a week to provide service for the toilets so that they remain in proper working order.

Fence Factory Rentals providing porta potties near Santa Clarita CA for construction site project.

Santa Clarita Portable Toilet Rentals

A clear step up from the base model, Fence Factory Rentals’ deluxe porta potty comes with an interior hand wash station complete with running water and soap. Other notable features include a draining non-slip floor, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, paper towel dispenser, separate urinal, and non-flushable toilet. Besides being immensely useful for construction workers, the inclusion of the hand wash complies with OSHA’s regulations for job sites with 5 total employees or fewer. Please note that current guidelines dictate that there needs to be at least one hand wash station for every twenty workers, with an external hand wash needed for any sites with more than five employees. This being the case, our deluxe portable toilet tends to be ideal for smaller-scale projects where large work crews are not needed. For those having to manage a more sizable workforce, it may be better to rent Santa Clarita portable toilets along with a sufficient number of hand wash stations.

As all construction site workers and guests need to be accommodated as far as restrooms are concerned, we offer a handicap accessible porta potty Santa Clarita that adheres to ADA requirements and is completely navigable by wheelchair. These specific units were designed with comfort and functionality in mind, and offer a good amount of movement space along with support bars for safety. While each ADA compliant model comes with a non-flushing toilet and toilet paper, it does not have an internal hand wash. As such, we strongly encourage renting hand wash stations where appropriate.

Fence Factory Rentals also supplies construction customers with towable, high rise, and hoistable toilets. The towable porta potties work quite well for smaller projects where workers are required to go back and forth to multiple locations. They are also useful for locations where access is limited at best. The non-flush toilet comes with an interior sink, along with soap, paper towels, and toilet seat covers. There is even a reversible tow hitch available to assist with traversal.

Our high rise units are porta potties near Santa Clarita that are incredibly useful for construction projects where the work is done on multiple levels. Coming in at half the height of our standard toilet, the high rise model includes lifting hooks and extra large casters, and travels from floor to floor using the freight elevator. The hoistable portable toilet is designed for offshore construction sites, as well as those where vertical mobility is fairly limited. It has a non-flushing toilet along with seat covers, paper towels, hand wash, and soap. The frame included with the unit is equipped with a lifting swing to facilitate easy movement and placement by crane.


Fence Factory Rentals provided a porta potty rental near Santa Clarita, CA for construction site.

Top Construction Toilets near Santa Clarita CA

Each year we consider ourselves very fortunate to work with so many fantastic construction companies, contractors, and homeowners in need of portable restroom solutions for their projects. Fence Factory Rentals works hard each day to be a top provider of Santa Clarita porta potties for construction sites. Our team endeavors to truly earn our customers’ trust and repeat business over time. If you’re looking to rent portable toilets and hand wash stations for an upcoming job, please call us at (805) 644-4617, or reach out online.



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