Temporary fence rentals for Santa Maria.

When you need a temporary fence in Santa Maria, California, Fence Factory Rentals is the company you can rely on to meet your specific requirements. We provide a wide variety of cost-effective fence rental options and our highly-skilled team is ready to assist you. Many local businesses and construction companies throughout the Santa Maria area come to us for their temporary fence rental needs.

Our company ensures that the rental process runs smoothly from beginning to end, in order to provide you with the best temporary fencing.

Santa Maria Temporary Fencing

We carry an amazing selection of quality Santa Maria temporary fencing. Each product is carefully inspected and delivered promptly to your site when you need it. With many years of experience in the industry, Fence Factory Rentals provides effective temporary fence rentals and excellent customer service.


Freestanding Chain-Link Fencing

We have rental solutions for all types of construction projects. Our freestanding chain-link fencing is a great option if you need to rent a fence for a short period of time. This temporary fence rental features 12 ft. or 14 ft. panels set together. We provide panels in three industry-standard heights, 4 ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft.

This type of Santa Maria temporary fence is very convenient and can easily be arranged to establish perimeters and barriers throughout your project site. To ensure support and stability of this temporary fencing, we can provide sand and gravel bags that sit at the base of the fence panels.

Post Driven Chain-Link Fencing

If you are looking for durable temporary fence in Santa Maria to use for a longer period of time, our post driven chain-link fencing is the perfect solution. This temporary fence rental is secured into the ground with chain-link posts that are carefully set two feet into the ground and ten feet apart. The post driven chain link provides great perimeter security and protection of your location and can withstand for years at a time.

Our post-driven Santa Maria temporary fencing is available in three heights: 4 ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft. We offer additional options such as tension wire, barbed wire and top rail for increased security. When looking to rent fencing with barbed wire, you will need to make sure that it meets the particular zoning requirements. We also have privacy options available for your fencing rentals. Our privacy screens and privacy slat panels are great visual barriers that can help block your location from outside view.

Rent a Fence in Santa Maria CA

Fence Factory Rentals has been proudly serving the Santa Maria community for many years. We provide high-quality temporary fencing to meet our customers’ varied needs. When you experience the Fence Factory Rentals Advantage for yourself, we know you’ll agree that there is no better place to rent a fence in Santa Maria than Fence Factory Rentals.

To schedule your fence rentals, please give us a call at (805) 591-8074, or contact us online today.


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