Event Factory Rentals Luxury Toilet Trailers

Are standard portable toilets not ideal for your upcoming event? Do you need something more luxurious? Event Factory Rentals (a division of Fence Factory Rentals) is now introducing Luxury Toilet Trailers to fit your elegant event needs.

Luxury Toilet Trailers are available in two variations: the Cottage and the Porta Lisa + Cottage.  Both versions run on battery power and are equipped with air conditioning. Their picturesque interior consists of stone counter tops, hands free faucets, simulated wood flooring, wainscot and attractive wall coverings. Each also have LED lighting along with connective audio systems.

The Cottage has separate men’s and women’s entrances. On the men’s side, there are three urinals, one private bathroom, and one sink. On the women’s side, there are four private bathrooms and two sinks. The cottage includes LED porch lights to maintain safety and visibility for guests at nighttime events.

The Porta Lisa Plus has four separate entrances, three gender neutral and one men’s urinal, each with its own sink, and exterior indicator lights to alert you to open or occupied stalls.

Additionally, this luxury toilet trailer comes equipped with a water heater, an on board fresh water tank, on demand water pump, occupied/unoccupied lights, an AM/FM CD player with IPOD connect, and full size battery back up.

These trailers are self-contained, meaning that they do not require power or water hook ups for short-term use. To use it for a longer duration, the trailers can easily be plugged in to three 110V outlets.

Both the Cottage and Porta Lisa + Cottage are excellent options for high-end events. They are attractive, reliable, and can accommodate many people at once. Everyone at Event Factory Rentals is very excited to present these luxurious alternatives. Contact us to upgrade your event’s restrooms today!

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