rogerRobert Bennett began his career in the fence industry over 45 years ago in Torrance, CA. He and his wife Myrna founded Fence Factory, based in Ventura, CA, in 1972. Fence Factory was immediately unique in the fact that as a fence installation contractor it also sold materials to the public. In the years since, with the help of his family and loyal employees, Mr. Bennett continued to mold Fence Factory into what would become the most diversified and influential fence company on the West Coast. Fence Factory now has five fence material supply stores to serve the public from Los Angeles to Monterey. Fence Factory also has five other affiliate fence-related businesses that provide commercial and residential fence installations, gate operator distribution, vinyl fence manufacturing, highway guard rail installation, and of course rental fence and portable toilets.

The Fence Factory Rentals temporary fence division was established in 1994 and began offering portable toilet rentals in 2000. Fence Factory Rentals expanded to Atascadero, CA in 1999 and just recently to Fresno, CA in 2015. Temporary fences and portable toilets provided by Fence Factory Rentals can be seen from Modesto to Los Angeles. Our company is dedicated to providing every customer with quality products and prompt, friendly service. If quality and reliability are important to you, don’t sit on the fence any longer. Go with a proven winner. Call Fence Factory Rentals today! 888-71-FENCE.



Our goal at Fence Factory Rentals is to provide all of our customers with superior portable fencing, top quality materials and as much expert advice as needed to solve their problems and satisfy their needs. We must continually strive to improve our service and product mix. To be the most responsive and efficient Fencing Contractor and Fencing Material supplier in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties. Our pricing needs to be competitive and fair providing our customers the best value. We are to provide meaningful, fulfilling and long lasting jobs for our employees.


Fence Factory Rentals is to be the first to introduce new products and services to our customers. We must grow in all areas of service. Geographically we will expand, but cautiously and conservatively. We will be the most influential company of our kind on the West Coast.


truckOur actions are seen by all who come in contact with us . . . our ultimate employer is our customer. To that end we must conduct ourselves with the highest moral and ethical values, deal fairly and honestly with customers and fellow employees alike. Our mind set must be to strive toward excellence in all aspects of our business and personal lives. We do not always need to be the least expensive, but we do need to provide the best value and also to provide meaningful, fulfilling and long-lasting jobs for our employees.


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