Oxnard Tamale Festival



The Oxnard Tamale Festival came and went and was a huge hit! If you missed out, have no fear; we can give you a rundown of all the fun activities that this delicious event had to offer!

The Oxnard Tamale Festival kicked off on Saturday December 6th in downtown Oxnard’s Plaza Park and was sponsored in part by your very own Fence Factory Rentals!

Festivities at the event included delicious Tamales from local vendors, live entertainment, and fun activities for all ages including cooking demonstrations and arts and crafts.

We were so appreciative of this opportunity to help out with this incredible event and to show off one of our favorite types of rental fences: the white vinyl picket fence! White vinyl picket fences are a great option for quality crowd control with style. These freestanding panels helped to close off event areas and keep everything in order while still retaining a professional look. Fence Factory Rentals also provided hot and cold sinks required by the health department for food preparation.

It was our pleasure to help out with the organization of The Oxnard Tamale Festival. We were incredibly excited to be a part of this tremendous event with so much to offer to the community and sincerely hope that our efforts helped to improve this festival for event goers and event coordinators alike.

Fence Factory Rentals strives to make renting easy for any special event planners and facilities. We love using top quality materials to solve problems and satisfy the needs of our customers!



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