Fence Factory Rentals has supplied top-quality temporary fence rentals and portable toilet rentals for construction jobs in Oxnard, California and surrounding areas of Ventura County since 1994. When you travel around the area and into Santa Barbara County, you’re sure to spot our bright signage and porta potties at all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential project locations. All of us at Fence Factory Rentals take great pride in serving our community, and we work hard every day to ensure that you receive first-rate construction rentals and service at a highly competitive price. With the Fence Factory Rentals Advantage, you get the type of experience and value you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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Top-Quality Oxnard Temporary Fence Rentals for Construction Sites

When it comes to protecting your construction site from trespassers & thieves, and also making sure that potentially dangerous areas are effectively blocked off, it’s vital to rent temp fencing in Oxnard CA you can truly depend on. With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we’ll be able to get you the type(s) of fences ideal for your particular project, no matter the size or overall scope.

Two of our most popular Ventura County temporary fence rental options are freestanding chain-link panels and post driven chain-link fencing. The freestanding chain-link panels, which are easily connected to one another and can be conveniently arranged in many different ways, are best suited for short or medium-term construction jobs in which site security is important but not a top concern. To increase the stability of these panels, we recommend using sand or gravel bags, both of which we can provide.

If you’re looking for an inherently sturdy option that is better than the freestanding panels for long-term security purposes, our post driven chain-link fence is an excellent choice. Our Ventura County temp fence installers will make sure that the fence posts are set properly, and will incorporate top rail & tension wire, barbed wire (if allowed), debris netting and/or privacy screening if desired. With these high quality base options and enhancements to select from, you’re sure to get the perfect construction fencing for your job site.

Rent a Fence in Ventura County CA

Besides our rent a fence Ventura County services, we also install temporary chain-link gates at construction sites. These gates serve numerous important purposes, including safeguarding properties until the permanent gates are ready, and also establishing entryways for workers and construction vehicles to go through. We offer these dependable chain-link gates in standard widths and heights, but can also make them in custom sizes. Please note that we are also able to provide custom temporary fencing around Ventura County and Santa Barbara as well as temporary pool fencing.

Let our Ventura County CA fence rental specialists help you select the right construction temporary fencing to meet all of your needs and specifications. We’ll advise you on how much fencing you’ll need as well as the optimal placement, and any other options and considerations that factor in.

Construction Portable Toilet Rentals in Oxnard

Every construction site, regardless of size, needs proper restroom and sanitation accommodations for its workers. As such, we’ve ensured that our Oxnard portable toilet rentals are reliable, cost-effective solutions for all kinds of construction projects. Carefully serviced one time per week, our fresh-smelling standard porta potties, in conjunction with our external hand wash stations, allow workers to comfortably and safely use the restroom and quickly get back to work. A step up from the base model, the deluxe construction toilet has a built-in hand wash with soap included.

Construction jobs throughout Ventura County and into Santa Barbara sometimes require workers to travel to multiple sites. If this applies to your project, check out our towable portable toilet rentals. With a non-flush toilet, internal sink and paper towels included, this easily transportable unit has everything your employees will need. We also have hoistable portable toilets and high rise portable toilets available for cases in which the porta potties need to be moved from level to level.

Porta Potty Rentals in Ventura COunty

With an assortment of Ventura County and Santa Barbara portable toilet rental options, you can trust us to provide dependable and practical bathroom solutions for any construction project. All of our rental units arrive on schedule, thoroughly sanitized, and fully stocked. With our excellent routine on-site service, your toilets will be working and smelling great over the duration of the construction work.

Ventura County Disaster Response Rentals

When an emergency occurs in Ventura County or Santa Barbara, Fence Factory Rentals is always ready and able to provide assistance in any way we can. Whether there’s a fire, earthquake or any other type of disaster, we can quickly dispatch our temporary fencing and portable toilets to the locations for use by emergency workers and cleanup crews. Since relief and reconstruction efforts can last for days, weeks or even months, we’ll ensure our rentals are available and functioning properly for as long as you need them.

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