Oxnard Metrolink Crash

oxnard2-300x168Our sister company Event Factory Rentals was on the scene of the major Metrolink crash heading east through Oxnard today.

The tragic event occurred early Tuesday morning and caused a major setback for many commuters along the area due to road closures near the scene of the crash. Although there were passengers that were injured from the crash, we are thankful that no deaths were reported.

Event Factory Rentals supplied four portable toilet units and handwash sink stations to support the local police and fire crews and emergency repair crews. They will be working around the clock to get the railway back up and running, as this was a major artery in the freight line and commuter system in Southern California. Amtrak has suspended their services for the day from Los Angeles to Goleta.

At Fence Factory & Event Factory Rentals, we pride ourselves on being able to respond to a local emergency situation and assist in any way possible. In the instance of a fire, earthquake or any other emergency or natural disaster Fence Factory & Event Factory Rentals is available 24/7 to provide all types of security fencing/ barricades and portable toilets. We are able to secure a property and provide temporary septic options for those working on the site.

We give thanks to the police, fire and emergency repair crews for coming to the aid of those in need and handling the situation as best as possible. Our thoughts are with all the families that are involved with the injured at this time.

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