Fence Factory Rentals & Praise Festival

Fence Factory Rentals is so excited that we had the opportunity to spend the weekend with the vibrant people at the Praise Festival. One of the perks of being a fencing and event rental company is the variety of people and places we get to provide our services for! It was a weekend of positive energy that makes our smiles shine ear to ear knowing that we were able to provide the necessary facilities for a successful event.

One of the biggest problems common to large events and gatherings is that they can be unsanitary, lack toilets & proper accommodations, and overall clean, helpful facilities. We at Fence Factory Rentals are appreciative of the event planners for choosing us to take care of such duties… J… and especially for taking into consideration the cleanliness of their guests. They do this by not only having us provide the toilets, but also the hand washing stations. At some events, providing guests with only the option of hand sanitizer all weekend long simply won’t do, so we are always eager to get the hand washing stations set up as well! Additionally, something else that makes us happy is the ability to provide full accommodations for all guests, including ADA regulated toilets— along with regular units and hand washing stations.

Have you ever thought about holding an event but didn’t really know what to do about things like sanitary and safety rentals, such as the ones we provide? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone! It’s common for that to be the last thing on people’s mind when taking all aspects of an event into consideration. However, here are a few helpful tips for planning your next rental:

  1. ADA Regulated (handicap) units are recommended for places and events that have public access, so not necessarily construction sites.
  2. Hand washing Stations are a great option for events where you know your visitors will be spending a considerable amount of time on the premises, as it seems cleaner and more sanitary to the guests.
  3. Having a separate set of toilets for event workers is great for minimizing wait times and confusion among guests and people.
  4. If you’re planning separate toilets for men and women, there should be the same amount of facilities for each gender.

We always encourage readers to check out all of our options and hints on our website, and to keep us in the front of your mind for all your remodeling, construction, and event needs.

Since 1972, Fence Factory and Fence Factory Rentals have been leading the fencing industry with materials and installation across the California Coast. Fence Factory Rentals specializes in portable toilets, special event planners and facilities, and government and local facilities. Come into one of our “Do-it-Yourself Centers,” and allow us to provide you with superior items and services for all your needs.

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