Introducing: Luxury Toilet Rentals!


The event you have been waiting for is finally here and the setting  cannot be more perfect. Everything is going great until nature calls  and you walk into an unappealing portable toilet.
Let’s be honest, we have all been there. A traditional portable toilet  can really ruin a classy outdoor event and here’s why: not all events  are created equal. A portable toilet used for a construction site is not  appropriate for casual events like wine tasting, a company party, or a  wedding.

A successful event means that your guests are as comfortable as   possible in every situation. That is why if you are planning a special  event, it may be best to stick with a better option, like the high-end portable toilets offered at Fence Factory Rentals. With so many events offering below quality toilets, the best way to make your event stand out is with upscale portable restrooms.
Fence Factory Rentals offers a series of luxury restroom trailers for any of your on location events or gatherings! Choose between a 4 Station Porta Lisa Plus Cottage with hands free faucets, air conditioning, and stainless sinks or an 8 Station Cottage Restroom with separate men’s and women’s entrances, solid surface sink tops, and lever handled stall doors to enhance your next on location event.

It’s the little things that count and when you are planning a casual event you want to make sure that every detail is perfect, down to the last fixture! Luxury restroom trailers have amenities that traditional portable toilets do not offer. This will not only create a lasting impression but will also provide a more pleasant experience for guests at your next event!
Factory Rentals luxury restroom trailers are brand new with a modern design so your event wont fall flat at the restrooms. Contact Fence Factory today for solutions to any of your event needs. The experts at Fence Factory Rentals are happy to help create the right environment and will work hard to improve your next on location event!



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