Home improvement projects are immensely popular throughout Central and Southern California. Whether fixing up the lawn & landscaping, garage, windows, roof, painting the house or something similar, do it yourself (DIY) work can be extremely rewarding. When doing these types of projects, it is often extremely beneficial, if not necessary, to use temporary fencing as a means of delineating and securing the workspace. Many homeowners depend on our company for their home improvement fence rentals because we consistently offer unmatched products and service.

As many projects are either short-term or medium-term in duration, our freestanding chain-link fence panels would likely be the optimal choice for fence rentals for home improvement. These fairly durable 12’ or 14’ sections are easily joined by stands and clamps, allowing for a good deal of overall layout flexibility. Regarding fence height, whether you’re looking for something on the shorter side (4’ high), taller side (8’ high) or something in the middle (6’ high), we’ve got you covered at an affordable price.

Temporary Fencing for Home Renovation

If you’d like to enhance the stability of the panel setup, we do offer gravel and/or sand bags that help weigh down the stands. Where privacy is concerned, we have screen & slat panels for the home renovation temporary fencing to keep your project shielded from neighbors. Please keep in mind though that attaching privacy screens to freestanding panels can cause the temp fencing to blow over in instances of high winds. If you expect your work to spread a lot of dirt, rock and debris, we also offer effective debris netting that can help keep everything contained. When working on your project, the last thing you want to worry about is causing damage to your property or a neighbor’s.

When it comes to home improvement fence rentals, there’s truly no better company to work with than Fence Factory Rentals. While the freestanding fence panels are a great option for many homeowners, if you expect that your project may be more long-term and require additional security, we do also have temporary post driven chain-link fences available as well. With our extensive industry knowledge, top-quality rentals at very reasonable prices, and dedication to superb customer service from start to finish, you’re sure to get the fencing you need while having an excellent experience.

To schedule your home improvement temporary fencing, please give us a call today at (888) 713-3623.

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