Freestanding Chain-Link Panels


  • Allows for flexibility in arranging fence layout.
  • Usually best for jobs of short-to-medium length.
  • 12’ or 14’ wide panels linked together with stands at the bottom and clamps at the top of each one.
  • Available in standard 4’, 6’ and 8’ heights.
  • Sand and/or gravel bags can be added for increased stability.
  • Additional options include: debris netting, privacy screens, privacy slat panels, solid vinyl and custom printed screen on banners.


Freestanding Chain-Link Temporary Fence Rentals

In addition to post driven chain-link fencing, Fence Factory Rentals also offers high quality freestanding chain-link fence panels for use at construction projects. This cost effective, convenient temporary fence rental option consists of a series of 12’ or 14’ wide panels securely clamped together and stabilized with stands at the base of each panel. We have freestanding panels available in 3 standard heights: 4’, 6’ and 8’.

As these particular construction fences do not have posts driven into the ground, you can assemble and disassemble the panels with ease. While this grants tremendous flexibility in terms of modifying your fence layout/positioning as needed or desired, the freestanding panels are ultimately not as sturdy as the post driven fencing.

Harsh winds and/or excessive external pressure can cause the panels to tip over. Many customers therefore opt to have us add sand or gravel bags as they add weight to the panel stands and better stabilize the fence.

Even with added weight, freestanding fences are often better for shorter-term construction jobs and/or construction jobs where having maximum perimeter security is not vital. This type of temporary chain-link fencing is also ideal in cases when driving fence posts into the ground is not a viable option, such as putting construction fencing across a parking lot or inside a warehouse.

Our safety netting is incredibly useful for construction projects in which there are substantial amounts of rock, dirt and other debris kicked up. At 4 feet high, the netting is great at keeping debris from getting outside of the construction area where it could cause potential injury or generally make a mess. There are numerous colors from which to choose, including dark green, black, blue or orange. This debris net is very reasonably priced, and provides great benefit at the job site.

Privacy Options for Freestanding Construction Fences

If you want to keep your construction site as private as possible, we have two fantastic options: privacy screen and privacy slat panels. The very popular privacy screen, attached to the chain-link fencing with grommets and hog rings, is available in green, brown, beige and black. If you’d like a custom color or even a printed banner with your logo or another image, we can assist you with that as well.

It is important to note that freestanding construction fence panels will blow down in high winds when the privacy screen is attached. To prevent this, the fence itself must be safely secured to a strong, fixed structure.

The privacy slat panels we offer are currently only available in green and in 6’ high by 10’ wide sections. These well-designed panels feature solid slats inserted into the chain-link itself. This provides close to 100% privacy from the outside looking in, and is perfect for situations where complete privacy is of upmost importance. As with the privacy screen, the panels can still blow down in high winds and thus must be secured at all times.

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Having worked closely with a variety of customers over the years, we are confident that no other construction fence rental company can provide you with the knowledge, customer service, and value that we can. We are well known and trusted from Los Angeles all the way up to the Central Coast and Central Valleys because of the exceptional quality of our products and our comprehensive rental services.

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