Post Driven Chain-Link Fencing


  • Used to create perimeters around properties during construction.
  • Very durable, with posts set 24” into the ground and 10’ apart.
  • Perfect for long-term security; can last a span of years if necessary.
  • Three heights available: 4’, 6’ and 8’.
  • Options include top rail, tension wire, barbed wire, privacy screens and debris netting.

Premium Post Driven Temporary Fence Rentals for Construction Projects

Fence Factory Rentals is Central and Southern California’s leading provider of top quality temporary fence rentals for construction sites. Our reliable post driven chain-link is the most popular and secure type of fencing that we supply. This competitively priced, highly effective construction fencing is frequently used for establishing perimeters around commercial, industrial and residential properties when long-term security is of particular concern.

Once installed, the post driven chain-link greatly helps prevent unauthorized individuals from trespassing onto the job site where they can steal materials and equipment, deface property or possibly get injured. With durable posts carefully driven 24 inches into the ground and set 10 feet apart, our time-tested fencing will remain in excellent condition for many years if needed.

Besides the standard posts, we also employ flange posts when appropriate. These round fence posts are welded to 6” x 6” plates and anchored to concrete surfaces to keep them securely in place. Flange posts allow us to successfully install fences inside warehouses and attach temporary fences to the top of concrete walls or on top of k-rails.

If debris is of concern at your work site, we also have safety and debris netting available. This 4’ high netting is an economical way to delineate the perimeter of either small or large areas. Normally, the netting is attached to T-posts or to wood stakes. You can choose high visibility colors like orange and blue, or darker earthy colors such as dark green or black.

Construction Fence Rental Options To Meet Your Needs

As all construction projects are different, we offer numerous helpful options to enhance your temporary construction fence rental. To best meet your particular requirements, we have 3 different heights of post driven chain-link: 4’, 6’ and 8’. If it’s important that those outside of the construction area be unable to see inside, we can provide privacy screening that easily attaches to the chain-link. We have green, black, brown and beige privacy screen in stock, and can also assist you in obtaining custom colors and printed image banners when desired.

Also available are temporary chain-link gates in 4’, 10’, 12’ and 14’ widths. If your construction site needs a double-wide opening, two gates can be paired together. While hinged swing gates are the most common temporary fence gates, we also have slide gates that roll along a track. Please note that these are required on all construction sites in Beverly Hills.

Besides the multiple size options of temporary chain-link fencing and gates available to rent, we also provide different types of rail and wire. Top rail and tension wire add further strength and stability to an already robust fence. As an added benefit, they also give your fence a clean and finished appearance.

If site security is of paramount importance, we can add 3 strands of barbed wire to the top of your construction fencing rental to strongly dissuade anyone from attempting to climb over. Please keep in mind though that proper zoning is required for the use of this barbed wire. Razor Ribbon, also known as Concertina wire, is available for use with 8’ high temporary fences only.

Flat-link wire, a barbless chain-link product, is only available in 6’ height. The flat-link is ideal for fencing school and park district projects where child safety is a concern. When you use the flat-link around your work area, there is far less chance of anyone cutting themselves on the fence and holding you responsible. Additionally, this material is often used to construct safer temporary dog runs for pets.

Temporary Fence STAFF Get the Job Done Right Every Time

Countless construction companies, land developers and more from Central Valley to Los Angeles have come to us for their temporary fence rentals because our knowledge and dedication to exceptional service are beyond compare. Collectively, we have more than 40 years of quality industry experience, and have worked on projects of all types and sizes.

Our team will install your chain-link construction fencing efficiently and accurately, ensuring that everything is in place when required. We know what it takes to get the job done right, and we always work hard to provide you with the stress-free rental experience you deserve.

Please note the following:

Core drilling may be necessary to drive the fence posts through asphalt or concrete surfaces. Additional labor charges will apply when core drilling is needed.

Anyone who performs any form of excavating, which includes driving fence posts, is required to notify DIG Alert 48 hours prior to the dig. Please keep this in mind when planning the installation of your temporary construction fence.

If you’re ready to secure your job site with the best temporary fencing around, give us a call today at 888-71-FENCE (888-713-3623). You can also visit us at one of our three locations in Atascadero, Fresno & Ventura.

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