Privacy Options


  • Numerous effective privacy options available.
  • Privacy screen provides 85% blockage; available in numerous colors.
  • Custom privacy screens and printed banners to meet your specific needs.
  • Privacy slat panels are durable and offer greatest amount of privacy.


Convenient Privacy Options for Temporary Construction Fencing

Fence Factory Rentals offers numerous convenient options to keep your construction site private as well as secure. One of our most popular products, used on residential, commercial and industrial jobs, is the privacy screen. Privacy screens are very effective as visual barriers and for dust control.

Our standard is a high quality woven knit fabric that provides 85% visual blockage. The fabric is very durable, and will not fray like many other fabrics when punctured. With its tape-and-grommet perimeter, the screen has a clean, finished look and provides added strength. Common colors include green, black, brown and beige.

Privacy Screens and Printed Banners

To best meet your project needs, we offer custom privacy screen selections in addition to our standard screen. Our screens can be ordered in an assortment of fantastic colors, and custom sized to the precise measurements you require. With numerous first-rate fabrics to choose from, we will undoubtedly have the solution you need. Custom construction screens are also excellent for adding privacy and beauty to an iron or chain-link gate.

Our custom printed banners are a great way to advertise your construction company or project. We work with trusted screen suppliers that are able to expertly print any photo image onto certain screens. We can even help create an appealing graphic or logo if needed. Custom graphics can transform the rather bland, industrial look of a temporary construction fence into an incredible work of art and promotion.

Privacy Slat Panels Offer Maximum Visual Blockage

If you need to make your construction site as private as possible, our 6’ high green privacy slat panels are the way to go. With solid slats filling in the natural gaps in the chain-link, these panels produce close to 100% visual blockage. Having these privacy slats in place makes it incredibly difficult for any onlookers to see what is going on within the boundary. They also help with noise reduction and sound deadening.

Over the years, satisfied customers from all over Central and Southern California have relied on our highly useful privacy options to safeguard their construction sites against unwanted intrusion and prying eyes. Please give us a call today at 888-71-FENCE (888-713-3623) and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you. You can also meet with us at our offices located in Fresno, Ventura and Atascadero.

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