Homeowners across Central and Southern California have been doing an increasing amount of do it yourself (DIY) home improvement work as well as having work done in and around their properties by outside contractors. When renovation projects or remodeling render interior bathrooms unusable, or workers need restroom accommodations outside the home, portable toilets are incredibly useful. A top choice for home improvement toilet rentals, Fence Factory Rentals provides tremendous overall value by offering industry-leading products and services at highly-competitive prices.

For residential work such as home improvement projects, our standard porta potty is a go-to option. The standard toilet is a non-flush unit that comes stocked with 3 rolls of toilet paper as well as fragrance discs that do a great job of keeping the unit smelling as fresh as possible with use and as time goes on. This toilet also has an internal locking mechanism to ensure privacy and anti-slip draining floors to help prevent the occurrence of falls.

We provide dependable toilet service typically once a week so that the toilets remain sanitary and fit for use. In regards to these base level potties, it is important to keep in mind that they do not come with any kind of internal hand washing. As such, you’d want to also rent a hand wash station to go along with your home improvement toilet rentals.

Portable Toilets for Home Renovation

Besides the standard toilet, our deluxe model is also a popular choice for home renovation portable toilets. The deluxe porta potty features an abundance of useful amenities such as a separate urinal, paper towel dispenser, toilet seat covers, and perhaps most importantly an internal hand wash with running water as well as soap. It goes without saying that proper sanitation on the job is critical for all involved, and the interior hand wash helps make that as easy as possible.

Our portable toilets are ideal for homeowners doing work that renders their inside restrooms temporarily unavailable, as well as for meeting the needs of outside contractors. We make it simple and hassle-free to get the quality rentals you need in a timely manner. Once you work with us and experience the Fence Factory Rentals advantage, we’re confident that you won’t want to use any other service.

To schedule your home improvement portable toilets, please give us a call today at (888) 713-3623.

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