Deluxe Portable Toilet


  • Offers more amenities than our standard portable construction toilet.
  • Hand wash station inside the unit has soap and water.
  • Perfect for construction projects with small-to-medium size crews.
  • Also features: non-flush toilet, urinal, non-slip floor, seat covers, toilet paper and paper towel dispenser.


Deluxe Portable Toilet Rentals for Central and Southern California

Our deluxe portable toilet has numerous advantages over the standard model we offer. First and foremost, the unit includes an internal hand wash station with soap and running water. This core feature is not only incredibly convenient for the workers, but also fully adheres to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) construction site compliance for up to 5 employees.

As such, the deluxe construction toilet is particularly perfect for smaller residential and commercial sites that do not require extensive work crews. If you’re looking to accommodate a more substantial workforce, you will likely be best off renting standard toilets and external hand wash stations.

An external hand wash station is required if there are more than 5 workers, and there must be at least 1 hand wash station for every 20 employees working onsite.

Our Deluxe Construction Toilets Have the Features Your Workers Want

This highly desirable rental also features a non-flushable toilet, separate urinal, draining non-slip floor for safety, paper towel dispenser, toilet paper and toilet seat covers.

When it comes to renting portable toilets in Central and Southern California, you can trust Fence Factory Rentals to provide products and service that are a significant step above the competition. The dedicated staff at all 3 of our locations work tirelessly day in and out to earn your business.

Our efficiency, expertise and complete commitment to our customers are why construction companies and developers come back to us time and again to satisfy all of their toilet and temporary fence needs.

Please call us at 888-71-FENCE (888-713-3623) to get started with the rental process.

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