From Los Angeles all the way north to the Central Coast of California, Fence Factory Rentals has consistently been the preferred choice for top quality construction toilets and temporary fencing. At all three of our convenient locations, we’ve worked with a variety of construction companies, land developers and more that needed rentals for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Why do so many customers decide to use our company rather than the competition? The answer lies in the fact that our top-notch products coupled with our unmatched customer service and careful attention to detail gives us a decided advantage over other construction rental companies.

Our Advantageous Selection of Construction Toilets & Fences

We have excellent portable toilet and temporary fence options available that are well suited to meet the requirements of any construction job. Whether you need to accommodate one location or more, a few workers or many, we’ll get you covered with rentals at a competitive price. Please note that our products are designed to help you easily adhere to OSHA guidelines.

In addition to our spacious standard and deluxe toilets, we have units that can be towed around as well as those that can be hoisted up or easily moved through a high rise. Where construction fencing is concerned, we offer post driven chain-link fence for strength and security and freestanding panels that are far more mobile and fairly simple to reconfigure. Add to that our chain-link gates and highly effective privacy screen and privacy slat panels, and you’re all set to embark on your project.

You can truly see and feel the quality of materials used for our fencing and toilets. As one of our primary goals is to provide the best available products to our customers, we only offer rentals that are completely reliable and serve their purposes to perfection. Those that have rented from us before will tell you that none of our products are inferior or lackluster in the slightest.

Take Advantage of Our Superior Knowledge & Service

Customer service is where Fence Factory Rentals truly shines. With more than eight decades of combined experience, our teams know the right products for your particular application and have gotten the construction rental process down to a science. We will never give you the runaround, nor give anything less than maximum effort.

Each fence panel we send out is carefully inspected, and each toilet is painstakingly cleaned and freshened. Unlike some of our competitors, you’ll never get the “splash and go” treatment from us. For our company, it is completely unacceptable to provide rentals that do not meet our strict quality and service standards. Recognizing that your time is extremely valuable and that construction jobs can be very time-sensitive, we are committed to providing rentals on time and setting things up as efficiently (and accurately) as possible.

Repeat Customers Appreciate the Unequaled Value We Provide

Companies and contractors use our services time and again because they trust us and know that with our premier products, skills and dedication we can do the job better than anyone else. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding your toilet, fence, hand wash station and other needs.

Please call us today at 888-71-FENCE (888-713-3623).


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