Hand Wash Station


  • Hand wash stations are required on all job sites regardless of the number of workers.
  • For sites with six or more workers, you must have an exterior hand wash if there are no other options.
  • One hand wash station is required for every twenty employees onsite.
  • Two washing areas per station.
  • Features foot-activated pumps, clean water in tanks, soap and paper towels.


Hand Wash Station Rentals for Construction Sites

No matter how many workers you have at your construction site, hand wash stations are mandated by OSHA to ensure sufficient cleanliness. For smaller projects with five or fewer people, you can use a deluxe portable toilet with the included interior hand wash station.

If you have six or more workers and there are no other hand washing facilities on the site, OSHA requires that you have a standalone/exterior hand wash station. In general, a minimum of one hand wash station is required for every twenty workers.

Our convenient, self-contained hand wash station makes it quite easy to maintain proper sanitation and helps reduce the possible spread of illness among employees. Each station has 2 washing areas, complete with a hands-free foot pump, clean water stored in holding tanks, foaming anti-bacterial soap and paper towels.

Fairly compact, our hand wash station rentals are often set up adjacent to the standard construction toilets or any other toilet that does not have a sink included.

If you’re ready to get started on the stress-free rental process, please contact us at 888-71-FENCE (888-713-3623).

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