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Construction companies and their workers appreciate the importance of having the right number of comfortable and reliable porta potties set up properly on the job site. Besides selecting the ideal porta potty solutions for your job site that offer all requisite features, it is also critical to make certain that you can get dependable service to help keep conditions as safe and sanitary as possible over the length of the work. Over the past few decades, Fence Factory Rentals has emerged as a top supplier of porta potties near Ventura Keys in Ventura, California and across the San Fernando Valley. Our team is confident that we’ll have the right toilet rentals available to easily meet your needs.

We can provide an array of viable options when it comes to construction site toilet rentals. To begin with, we have the basic / standard porta potties. Great to use at many types of construction sites, whether commercial, industrial, or residential, this non-flush unit is highly popular. Despite not having an internal hand wash, the standard potty does include a privacy lock, draining floors with anti-slip properties, 3 toilet paper rolls, and a pleasant aromatic disc designed to help preserve a fresh smell over time.

Customer rented affordable portable toilets near Ventura Keys in Ventura, California for job site.


Fence Factory Rentals can also provide deluxe porta potties to our customers. These superb portable toilets offer additional features designed to enhance overall comfort for construction workers as well as those visiting the site. These particular models do come with an inside hand-washing station replete with soap and water. They also include a urinal, non-flushing toilet, and sanitary seat coverings. Based on our extensive experience and customer feedback, these Ventura Keys portable toilets are perhaps best suited for use by small-to-medium workforces.

Our ADA-compliant handicap porta potty comes with a reasonable amount of inside space, and is completely accessible by wheelchair. Interior support rails help boost stability and overall safety, particularly in situations where an individual needs to move throughout the unit. Such features are essential when someone at the project location has a disability or mobility restrictions.

To help best meet our customers’ porta potty needs, our rental inventory includes towable units, hoistable units, and high-rise units as well that allow for additional flexibility in terms of placement. Whether a construction project is in one location, or several, our towable toilets can be easily attached to the back of a truck via the rig and transported where required. The hoistable toilets are crane-ready for positioning in the proper spot, and the high-rise toilets were devised to fit within the confines of a freight elevator so that they can transition from floor to floor.

Fence Factory Rentals providing porta potties near Ventura Keys, Ventura CA for construction site project.

Ventura Keys Portable Toilet Rental

The friendly team at Fence Factory Rentals is here to assist you in finding appropriate portable toilet rentals near Ventura Keys that will accommodate all workers and function well with the layout of the job site. Our specialists can help you meet your requirements at highly competitive prices. Well stocked with an assortment of exceptional toilet options for virtually any job, we’ve got you covered.

Besides porta potties, portable hand wash stations are another common type of construction site rental we provide. With employees’ health and well-being in mind, OSHA requires the use of hand washing accommodations no matter the total number of workers. For project locations with 5 people or fewer, we recommend renting the deluxe portable toilets which have the interior hand washes. If you end up renting toilets without the built-in hand wash stations, our self-contained units help keep conditions hygienic and reduce the chances of illness transmission among crewmembers.


Fence Factory Rentals provided a porta potty rental near Ventura Keys, Ventura CA for construction site.

Top Construction Site Toilets – Fence Factory Rentals

Providing top value and ensuring quality and reliability are essential to our mission at Fence Factory Rentals. We’ve prioritized customer service from the very beginning, and many customers have returned for additional rentals over time when new projects are in the works. We’d truly appreciate the chance to demonstrate firsthand why we’re among the top Ventura Keys portable toilet rental companies operating today.

All of the employees that make up our team are skilled, knowledgeable, and steadfastly hardworking. We won’t deliver anything that is not up to our high standards, and we can’t wait for you to experience the Fence Factory Rentals Advantage on your next construction project. To secure the toilet rentals you need, please contact us online or speak with a representative at (805) 644-4617. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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