Those responsible for setting up construction sites for commercial, industrial, and residential projects recognize the importance of not only pinpointing the right portable toilet provider, but also ascertaining the specific quantity and layout to best use the available space and offer necessary features and amenities to workers. When choosing which portable toilet solutions you want on your job site, or multiple sites, it is essential to make sure they are high quality, and that you can get reliable service that helps to ensure your crew has proper accommodations to use for the span of the project. Throughout our many years in business, Fence Factory Rentals has been a top choice for portable toilets near Santa Maria, California, and across northern Santa Barbara County. When it comes to portable toilet rentals, our company has your needs covered.

We provide a variety of excellent options for those searching out portable toilet rentals that are the best possible fit for the project involved. To start, we offer standard portable toilets. This standard yet high quality non-flushing model is often great to use at a variety of industrial, commercial and residential project locations. Even though these standard toilets do not come equipped with interior hand washing stations, they are equipped with slip-resistant draining floors, a privacy lock, 3 rolls of toilet paper, and a pleasant fragrance disc to keep the toilet smelling fresh as the work proceeds.

Customer rented affordable Santa Maria portable toilets for job site.

Alongside these standard units, we also provide our cherished customers with deluxe portable toilets. These premium toilets provide additional features to bolster the amount of comfort for employees and site visitors alike. These deluxe units come with a soap and water hand-washing station, along with a non-flushing toilet, urinal, and protective seat coverings for sanitation. This Santa Maria portable toilet works quite well when a client needs to provide toilets for a small or medium-size crew.

Our ADA-compliant handicap portable toilet includes a reasonably sizable interior, and is designed for full wheelchair access. Inside, there are also sturdy support rails for added stability and when moving around the unit. Such features are a must-have for those on the job with disabilities, or individuals with mobility limitations.

To successfully handle our customers’ particular requirements, our portable toilet near Santa Maria solutions also include high-rise models, hoistable models, and towing-capable models that allow you to position a toilet as desired. With our hoistable units, you can lift up the toilet by crane into the selected spot. The high-rise models fit within a freight elevator and move between floors fairly easily. With our towable units, you can secure the rig to the back of a truck and tow it from location to location.

Fence Factory Rentals provided portable toilet rental near Santa Maria CA for construction site project.

Portable Toilet Rental Santa Maria

As a longstanding industry member, Fence Factory Rentals is here to help you in finding the most suitable portable toilet rental near Santa Maria for one or multiple construction sites. Our rental specialists are capable of assisting you with anything you need, and at very reasonable rates. With an assortment of great choices for construction projects small and large, Fence Factory Rentals is sure to have what you require.

We can also provide portable hand wash stations in addition to our portable toilets. No matter how many employees are working on the project, hand wash stations are a requirement from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to support adequate sanitation and to keep everyone involved as safe and healthy as possible. If you are working on a job site with 5 people or less, we recommend that you think about using our deluxe portable toilet, which contains the interior hand wash. If it’d be better for you to rent one of the models that doesn’t come with this interior wash station, our convenient, standalone hand washing units help sustain cleanliness, therefore lowering the possibility of illness spreading across the site.

Fence Factory Rentals provided a Santa Maria portable toilet for construction site.

Best Portable Toilets near Santa Maria – Fence Factory Rentals

Constant quality and dependability are among the aims behind all our staff does each day at Fence Factory Rentals. From the beginning, we have been fully dedicated to providing unmatched customer service to each customer, which is highlighted by the consistent repeat business we’ve maintained over time. It is our hope that you will allow us the opportunity to show you what makes us one of the best providers of Santa Maria portable toilet rentals.

The skilled and experienced team at Fence Factory Rentals will always do all we can to exceed your expectations. We do not deliver anything that doesn’t reach the highest standards, and we cannot wait to show you this first hand. Please reach out to our Atascadero branch today at (805) 591-8074 to discuss the superb portable toilets we can offer for your construction project.



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