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Temporary Portable Fencing and Toilets Rentals

Providing Los Angeles, Ventura County, and the California Central Coast with temporary fence and portable toilet rentals for over 30 years!

At Fence Factory Rentals, we handle anything from temporary pet enclosures to concert crowd control. From Los Angeles to Monterey, we specialize in portable toilet rental and temporary fencing services, residential, industrial, special events and emergency services.

We provide: Chain Link, Vinyl Coated C/L Systems, Portable Sinks, Barbed Wire, Portable Toilets, Plastic Fence and Netting, Holding Tanks, Free-Standing Fence Panels, Orange Plastic Fence, Event Fence Panels, Crowd Control Barriers, Visual Barrier and Debris Fence, and Windscreens.

Security and Management Comes Easy with Fencefactoryrental’s “Rent a Fence” Service

Temporary and portable fences made with the finest raw materials to provide you with the optimum level of protection, safety, privacy and adequate spatial segmentation

Fences have been in use since times immemorial. In earlier times, people could claim a piece of land just by building a fence around that area. At present, both permanent and temporary fences are used for a number of purposes such as garden-fencing, home- fencing for theft deterrence, agricultural fencing, border or electrical fencing, fencing during major events for effective crowd management and so on.

Be secured in style

Fence Factory Rental brings in a wide range of fences which are not only movable and portable but are also stylish, sturdy and affordable. As an alternative to permanent fencing, temporary fencing on rent is a cost-effective solution to interim requirements. Temporary and portable fences manufactured at Fence Factory Rental are designed keeping in mind the possible locations it would be used at, uses and the evolving choices of the consumers in terms of designs and aesthetics..

A wide range to choose from

Chain-link fencing, privacy screens and customized fences are some of the top-grade offerings in the temporary-cum-portable fencing category and is available on rent at very reasonable prices. These products are manufactured using the latest technological practices and top-quality base materials such as wood, metal, fabric and vinyl.


Chain link fencing is the toughest form of fencing and is suitable for both long-term and short-term use. Available in 4 inches, 6 inches or 8 inches altitude, it is mainly useful for higher security applications. On the other hand, free-standing portable fence-panels or gates are a viable option for rentals with shorter duration or where the fencing is needed to be adjusted with frequent change in accommodation.

Pros and no-cons

The main advantage of temporary fences on rent is the security it brings forth without burning a hole in one’s pocket. Moreover, portability of these products equips them with ‘anytime-anywhere use’ feature. Fences can either be galvanized or non-galvanized. Galvanised fences are a bit costlier but they are much less prone to rusting and are more durable compared to their non-galvanised counterpart. . An even ground is not a necessity to install temporary net-fencing or other fencing solutions which makes it an ideal safety-guard that would accompany you wherever you go.

Experts at your service

Installing fences is no child’s play. A well-trained personnel should engage in putting fences and should instruct the user about the do’ and dont’s that should be followed after installation. Our team of architects and fencing experts make sure that fixing fences around the designated area is a completely hassle-free experience for the consumer and the people around.

Whatever your event or construction site challenge—Fence Factory Rentals is the solution. More...


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