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Anyone who has managed or worked at a construction site knows how important it is to have proper restroom accommodations. You need to not only secure top quality, dependable portable toilets, but also figure out how to best use the available space while providing everything that workers need. When it comes to determining which toilet options are ideal for your job sites, it is equally critical to make certain that the company you end up going with offers efficient and reliable service. The last thing you want is for employees and visitors to the site to feel as though they don’t have access to clean and comfortable restrooms.

For over two decades now, Fence Factory Rentals has supplied the best portable toilet rental near Grover Beach, California and surrounding areas. Construction companies, independent contractors, and homeowners alike use our services because we consistently offer premium rental units at competitive prices while providing the unmatched service that our customers deserve. When you come to us for your porta potty needs, you can be confident that we’re more than up to the task.

In order to best meet the varying requirements of our valued customers, we have a number of desirable Grover Beach portable toilet rentals to select from. If you’re looking for fairly basic, non-flushing toilets that tend to work very well for commercial, industrial, and residential construction sites alike, our standard portable toilets are a fantastic option. While these baseline models are not equipped with interior hand washes, they do have an internal lock for privacy as well as draining floors that are meant to reduce the likelihood of slipping. We also furnish these porta potties with a scented disc to promote continual freshness and three rolls of toilet paper.

Customers rent portable toilets near Grover Beach, California from Fence Factory Rentals.


Grover Beach Construction Site Toilet Rental

Another popular toilet we provide to many customers is our deluxe portable toilet. The biggest difference between these Grover Beach construction toilet rentals and our standard units is that the deluxe models come equipped with an internal hand washing station that has water and soap. They also include a urinal, non-flushing toilet, and sanitary coverings for the seat itself. Workers love these upgrades over the base model, and definitely appreciate the added comfort. If you have a relatively small or even medium sized workforce to accommodate, our deluxe porta potties will serve you well.

Recognizing that some construction sites are complex in nature and that some jobs require moving from location to location, our toilet rental company also supplies hoistable toilets, high-rise toilets, and towable toilets as well. With our hoistable models, we’ve made it easy for workers to raise them up by crane and position them where desired. Our high rise toilets are meant to fit into freight elevators where they can then be moved up and down floors as necessary. The towable portable toilets have also proven to be highly useful as the rig can be securely fastened to the back of a work truck and towed between sites.

We are also able to provide handicap accessible toilets that are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These units are completely wheelchair accessible and offer a reasonably sizable interior for comfort. They also have secure interior support rails in order to enhance safety and stability for those maneuvering within them. Such features are of particular importance when there are individuals at the job site with physical disabilities that impact their overall mobility.

Fence Factory Rentals offers the best portable toilet rental options near Grover Beach CA.

Rent Portable Toilets near Grover Beach CA

At Fence Factory Rentals, you can rent portable toilets near Grover Beach with confidence as our knowledgeable and experienced team is always available to help pinpoint what you need. We’ve provided construction porta potties for a wide range of construction sites over the years, and therefore have keen insight into what tends to work well and what does not.

Besides toilets, many of our customers also rent portable hand wash stations from us. It is important to keep in mind that no matter how many workers you have on site, hand wash stations are mandated by OSHA to help keep conditions sanitary and to promote the health and well-being of all employees. For job sites with fewer than 6 people, we typically recommend our deluxe portable toilets with interior wash stations. If you would prefer to rent units that are not equipped with these internal hand washes, our separate hand washing units are incredibly effective and convenient.


Grover Beach construction site toilet rental are available to rent from Fence Factory Rentals.

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Fence Factory Rentals in Grover Beach has become well known for quality and reliability. We have always been fully committed to offering superb customer service, which has led customers to return to us time and again to meet their needs. We would truly appreciate the chance to demonstrate why we are among the leading suppliers of Grover Beach construction porta potty rentals. Please contact us online or give us a call at (805) 591-8074 to get set up with rentals for your next project.



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