Fresno Rent a Fence for Construction Sites in Fresno County.

Planning for a construction project can sometimes be a hectic process. One of the most important aspects to take care of is temporary fencing. Whether you are working on a large commercial property or a small residential site, it is vital to put a fence around the area. Over the years, Fence Factory Rentals has quickly become a go-to Fresno rent a fence company for customers throughout Fresno County. It does not matter how long your construction job will be; our construction fence rental solutions will help you to meet all of your particular requirements. We firmly believe that we provide the best value for all of our residential, commercial and industrial rental customers.

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The Best Fresno Rent a Fence Options for Construction Projects

At Fence Factory Rentals, we provide several high-quality fence rental options. The ideal temporary fencing for your particular construction project depends in large part on the length of the job, extent of site security requirements and privacy considerations among other things. Our construction temp fence rentals include:

Post Driven Chain-Link Fencing

Post driven chain-link fencing is a common type of temporary fencing used to create a perimeter around large construction sites. The posts are usually set 24 inches into the ground and ten feet apart to maximize stability. These Fresno rent a fences provide the perfect security for both long-term and short-term projects. With heights of up to 8 ft, this fencing helps keep your construction site and all of the materials within safe for the duration of the job. We provide several add-on options, including barbed wire and debris netting among others.

Freestanding Chain-Link Panels

Freestanding chain-link fencing is an alternative to our post driven chain-link fence rentals. With base stands instead of posts, this fencing can often be rearranged as needed and is recommended for short-term or medium-term construction jobs. The fence is made up of 12 to 14 ft wide panels that are interlinked with stands at the bottom and clamps at the top. They are usually similar to post driven chain-link fence rentals in height. To increase the stability, we offer sand and gravel bags that add weight to the stands.

Privacy Options: Screen & Panels

We provide privacy options (both screen and panels) that can be used with our post driven and freestanding chain-link fence rentals. The privacy screen can provide up to 85% visual blockage. The screen is usually available in multiple colors depending on your preference. Our debris netting can also act as a protective measure against the spread of dust, rock and dirt outside of the job area. The other option is to use custom printed banners that can be used as a good medium of advertisement for your construction company. Lastly, we also provide slat panels that provide 100 percent blockage, hence offering the highest levels of privacy.

Temporary Pool Fencing

Temporary pool fencing is used to secure the work area as the pool is being installed and before the permanent fence is put in place. Our pool fence rentals are 5 ft high and are made of a non-climbing wire mesh.

Fresno Rent a Fence Company for Construction Projects in Fresno County.
Rent a Fence Fresno Options for Construction Jobs in Fresno County.
Fresno Rent a Fence for Fresno County construction sites.

Construction Fence Rentals in Fresno Meet Your Needs

There are many uses for construction rental fences in Fresno. First and foremost, it is important to put a protective barrier around any major construction site. This helps to protect the public from any potential danger and/or harm. Secondly, the rent a fence helps provide privacy and security. Without a proper fence, burglars might be able to break into your construction site at night. In conjunction with the privacy screens or slat panels, the temp fencing helps prevent prying eyes from seeing what you don’t wish them to see.

Fresno Rent a Fence Company Proudly Serving Fresno County

At Fence Factory Rentals, providing industry-leading construction rentals and superior customer service is our top priority. We work tirelessly to ensure that we can provide the best rent a fence services in Fresno and throughout the county. We make the rental process as simple as possible, and are always accurate and efficient in our work. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and we will provide the fencing you need for your next construction project.

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