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It is very important to have dependable porta potties for workers to use while on a construction site. For many years, Fence Factory Rentals has been a leading supplier of porta potty rentals in Clovis, CA and nearby cities. We provide premium units and outstanding service that ensures that your workers have sanitary accommodations to use on a consistent basis. Our team looks forward to working with you and providing the quality toilets you need.

We have a wide range of Clovis porta potty rentals that will meet the requirements of any type and size construction project. Our standard porta potties work very well for many commercial, industrial and residential sites. This basic non-flushing unit comes equipped with 3 rolls of toilet paper and features anti-slip draining floors and internal locking to ensure privacy. While this particular unit does not come with an internal sink, we do offer affordable hand wash station rentals.

Porta potty rentals for construction site projects in Clovis.

Our deluxe porta potty models include more features than our standard units. This model comes equipped with an internal hand wash station with running water and soap, paper towel dispenser, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, non-flushable toilet, separate urinal and a draining non-slip floor.

We also provide handicap porta potties that meet all the ADA regulations and are wheelchair accessible. These units feature a non-flushable toilet, toilet paper and strong support bars for increased stability and safety inside.

Additionally, we also provide a selection of convenient porta potty rentals such as towable toilets, hoistable toilets, and high-rise portable toilets. These units are designed to make it easy to move them throughout the job site or to a separate location if the job requires it. If you need to travel to another site, our towable portable toilet can be easily transported. The hoistable toilet allows you to be able to lift it up by crane to place on another building floor. Using a freight elevator, you will be able to move the high-rise portable toilet to different levels of a building. We are always able to come up with a solution for your particular construction porta potty needs.

A variety of porta potties for construction sites in Clovis supplied by Fence Factory Rentals.

Clovis Portable Toilets

With our variety of Clovis portable toilets, we have excellent options for any type of construction site at very competitive pricing. Fence Factory Rentals is sure to have the rentals you are looking for to accommodate a small or large crew, or one or multiple locations while at the same time staying in accordance with OSHA guidelines so you can relax knowing that everything adheres to code.

In addition to our portable toilets near Clovis, we also offer hand wash station rentals. No matter how many workers you have at your job site, hand wash stations are mandated by OSHA to ensure efficient cleanliness. We recommend that for construction sites with five people or less, you use the deluxe portable toilet with the included interior hand wash. For the models hand washing inside, our self-contained hand washing units make it fairly easy to maintain proper sanitation and minimize the possible spread of illness among site employees. Every hand washing station has two washing areas with foaming antibacterial soap, paper towels, a foot pump and clean water storage tanks.

Fence Factory Rentals provides portable toilets in Clovis for job site.

Fence Factory Rentals is dedicated to providing quality and reliable products. Our team of professionals understand that our customers are our top priority and are ready to help when you need us. This is why over the years we have seen many clients return to us whenever they need rentals for their job site. We look forward to having the chance to show you what makes us the leading rental company for portable toilets and hand wash stations near Clovis.

Our staff at Fence Factory Rentals is always here to provide a stress-free experience and the type of unmatched service that not only meets your needs and goals, but exceeds your expectations. We will handle all of your portable toilet rental needs. Give Fence Factory Rentals a call today at (559) 233-8464 to schedule your rentals today.




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