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Those in the construction industry, from independent contractors to project managers, understand the necessity of having clean and comfortable portable toilets for their various job sites. In addition to securing the right porta potty rentals for workers to use, it is also important to make sure that you can get reliable site services to keep the toilets sanitary and clean over the duration of the job. If you’re looking for the best porta potty near Val Verde, California, there’s no better toilet rental company to work with than Fence Factory Rentals. Over the years, our team has successfully provided units for customers with a range of needs and logistical considerations. As such, we have no doubt that we can set you up with the toilet rentals you require to help keep your job site running smoothly.

As a leading construction toilet supplier, we are able to offer a number of beneficial rental options. Our basic model is the standard porta potty. This non-flushing unit is frequently requested, as it often works quite well at residential, commercial, and industrial job sites. While the standard toilet does not include an interior hand washing station, it is equipped with anti-slip draining floors, 3 rolls of toilet paper, and a locking mechanism for worker privacy. We also include a great-smelling fragrance disc to assist in keeping the toilet as fresh as possible.

Customers rent portable toilets near Val Verde, California from Fence Factory Rentals.

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If you’re interested in something that is a bit of a step up from the basic porta potties, we have deluxe portable toilets to rent as well. These units have some nice added features meant to make them even more comfortable. One of the biggest advantages of the deluxe porta potty is that it has a hand wash with water and soap right in the unit itself. It also comes with a non-flushing toilet, urinal, and seat coverings to promote sanitary conditions. Based on our decades of collective industry experience and comments from customers, we would recommend this Val Verde portable toilet rental for construction projects that have small or medium-sized workforces to accommodate.

As a company, it is critical for us to be able to meet our customers’ portable restroom requirements as best we can. This is why, in addition to the standard and deluxe porta potties, we also rent out high-rise toilets, hoistable toilets, and towable toilets. The high-rise units were carefully designed to fit inside freight elevators where they can be easily moved from floor to floor as needed. The hoistable porta potty can be lifted by crane and repositioned when appropriate. For construction projects involving multiple locations, our towable portable toilets are a great option as they can be attached to the back of a truck and driven around.

In order to help ensure that every individual working at your job site (or visiting the site) has comfortable and easily-accessible restrooms to use regardless of any disability they may have, we also provide ADA-compliant handicap porta potties. These particular Val Verde porta potties are wheelchair accessible and offer a good amount of interior space. To help individuals move within the toilet as needed and promote safety, we also include sturdy support rails. For those with a disability and/or restricted mobility, these features can make a tremendous difference and are vital to have.

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Many customers who come to us for toilet rentals also rent our effective portable hand washing stations. As a means of promoting worker health and wellness, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has mandated that hand wash accommodations be available regardless of how many employees are on site. If your construction job involves 5 or less people, we encourage you to rent the deluxe porta potties that come equipped with the internal hand wash systems. For those that would prefer the toilets that don’t incorporate hand washes, our rental units provide a great way to support hygienic conditions and help limit the spread of illnesses from worker to worker at the site. Recognizing that you need a healthy workforce to complete your project on time, we prioritize proper sanitation with all of our rental units.

Our Fence Factory Rentals staff is composed of knowledgeable and hardworking individuals that are fully committed to helping customers find the portable toilet rentals near Val Verde that are right for their specific needs. Whether your project site is small or large, simple or complex, our friendly rental specialists have the experience to help you meet your requirements at very reasonable prices. With an expansive inventory stocked with quality portable toilets near Val Verde, we remain fully confident in our ability to get the job done efficiently and correctly.

Val Verde construction site toilet rental are available to rent from Fence Factory Rentals.

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From the very beginning, Fence Factory Rentals has strived to offer customers top value, with premium-yet-cost-effective units and unmatched service that exceeds expectations. Our dedication to customer service is reflected in customers returning time and again for more rentals as additional construction jobs come about. We would welcome the opportunity to show you firsthand why our Val Verde porta potty rentals and site services are above and beyond what you’ll likely find elsewhere. Please give us a call at (805) 644-4617 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your rentals today.



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