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When you’re setting up for a construction project, figuring out the number and configuration of reliable portable toilets for employees is of great importance. When deciding which setups you want on your job site(s), you want to ensure they are of the highest quality, and that you can get dependable service that helps to ensure your employees have sanitary and comfortable accommodations to use over the duration of the project. For many years now, Fence Factory Rentals has provided top quality portable toilet rentals in Fresno and throughout Fresno County. We know that when it comes to portable restrooms, we can help you get everything you need.

There are many different options for you when determining which portable restroom rentals would be best suited to meet the requirements for your particular construction job. First, we have standard portable toilets. This regular non-flush unit is ideal for use at many different industrial, residential, and commercial project sites. Though the standard units do not offer interior hand wash stations, they do come with anti-slip draining floors, 3 rolls of toilet paper, an internal locking mechanism to guarantee privacy to whoever is using the unit, and a refreshing fragrance disc to keep the toilet as fresh as possible over time.

Fence Factory Rentals has portable toilet rentals available in Fresno.


In addition to our standard models, we also offer deluxe portable toilet rentals that provide more amenities than our conventional models. In addition to a non-flush toilet, urinal, and seat covers for sanitation purposes, these units include a hand washing station with soap and water within the unit. We often recommend these particular portable toilets for construction sites with small or medium size workforces.

Our ADA-compliant handicap portable toilet, offers a fairly spacious interior, and is completely accessible by wheelchair. Inside, there are also sturdy support rails for extra stability and safety when moving around the unit. This is a great feature for those who have disabilities or difficulty moving around.

Besides these Fresno portable toilet rental options, we also have high-rise units, hoistable units, and towable units so that you can have the necessary portable toilet regardless of where your job site is located or how it’s configured. With the hoistable units we have available, you are able to lift the toilet by crane into the proper position. With the high-rise models, you are able to fit them into a freight elevator and easily maneuver them from floor to floor. With our towable units, you are able to hitch the porta potty to the back of your truck and tow it anywhere it needs to be. You can also move the same rental around to different locations.

Rent porta potties in Fresno from Fence Factory Rentals.

Fresno Porta Potty Rental

Whether you need to accommodate one or multiple construction sites, a handful of workers or many, our rental specialists will have you covered, and at extremely competitive prices to boot. With plentiful and high-value choices for any construction project, our staff at Fence Factory Rentals is sure to have what you are seeking in the way of Fresno porta potties. 

Out of our Fresno location, Fence Factory Rentals also supplies portable hand wash stations along with our porta potties. Regardless of how many employees there are working on your site, hand wash stations are required by OSHA to guarantee adequate sanitation. For jobs with less than 6 people, you might want to look into our deluxe portable toilet with the included interior hand wash station. However, for the models without inside washing functionality, our convenient, self-contained hand washing stations make it possible to still maintain proper sanitation and reduce the possible spread of sickness among workers.


Get portable hand washing stations from Fence Factory Rentals in Fresno.

Quality and dependability are two of the most important things to us here at Fence Factory Rentals. Our commitment to superior customer service is borne out in the repeat business we’ve been able to get from multiple clients over the years. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show you what makes our company the premier porta potty rental company in Fresno.

The staff at Fence Factory Rentals is always here to give you the kind of service that exceeds any and all expectations. Anything other than the best is unsatisfactory to us, and we look forward to showing you this first hand. Call our Fresno location today at (559) 233-8464 to ask any questions you may have and let us figure out what the best options for you and your job site are.



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