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One of the first things that you will want to do when planning out the logistics of a construction site is to figure out how many portable toilets you need and of which types(s) to successfully meet your requirements. Fence Factory Rentals provides individuals and construction companies of all sizes a great selection of portable toilet rental options. For decades now, our team has been helping clients all around the Oxnard area pick the right portable toilet rentals for their job. We’ve provided portable toilet rentals for an array of projects in the past, so rest assured that our staff can help you figure out what you need, and deliver your toilets to you in a very efficient manner.

When addressing the particular needs you may have for your construction job, there are many factors that come into play (such as the number of workers and physical configuration of the job space) that will determine what kind of portable toilet units you need. To begin with, we have our standard portable toilets. These units have proven to be well suited for use at many different residential, industrial, and commercial project sites. Though these standard restroom units do not come with interior handwashing stations, you will get 3 rolls of toilet paper, anti-slip draining floors, a refreshing fragrance disc to keep the toilet smelling fresh even on hot summer days, and an internal locking mechanism to ensure privacy.


Portable toilet rental in Oxnard, CA.


If you are looking for something with more amenities than the standard model, we also have the deluxe portable toilet available to you. We tend to recommend these units to our customers that have a small or medium sized workforce for maximized comfort. On top of having the non-flush toilet, urinal, and seat covers, these units boast a hand washing station with soap and water inside of the unit itself.

Our team is also happy to offer you a handicap portable toilet which is 100% ADA-compliant and fully accessible for wheelchairs. The sizable interior has a non-flushing toilet along with sturdy support bars. These bars enable those using the unit to have some extra grip for added safety when moving inside. 

In addition to these more common Oxnard portable toilet rental options, we also offer towable units, hoistable units, and high-rise units so that you can have the proper portable toilets for your job regardless of where it is being performed. With our tow-in units, you are able to hitch your portable toilet to the back of your truck and pull it to wherever your job may be located. The hoistable units were carefully designed for construction sites that are lacking in vertical mobility. These units can be lifted by crane and placed where needed. The high-rise toilets, great for multi-level construction projects, are half the height of standard units (while still being comfortable) so that they can safely go between floors via freight elevator.


Rent affordable portable toilets anywhere in Oxnard.

Onxard Porta Potty

Fence Factory Rentals has the ability and experience to help you equip any size construction site or project with the porta potties that you need. Our rental specialists will make sure to set you up with the exact toilets you need for some of the most competitive prices anywhere in Oxnard. With extensive high-value choices for any kind or size of project you may have going, we are sure to have what you are looking for when it comes to Oxnard porta potties.

We also have the ability to supply our customers with portable hand washing stations all throughout Oxnard. These units can be very useful, and in fact hand washing stations have become mandated by OSHA to maintain the proper levels of sanitation throughout construction sites. If you have less than 6 people on your site, you can use our deluxe porta potty with the built-in hand washing stations. If you have 6 or more workers, you must have an exterior hand wash if there are no other viable options.


Get portable hand washing stations from Fence Factory Rentals in Oxnard.

Here at Fence Factory Rentals, we always strive to reach peak levels of quality and reliability. Over the decades, this has been what has allowed us to continue doing business customers across Oxnard. They recognize in us the drive to always do better and continue to deliver the best service that we can. We look forward to being able to work with you soon.

Anything less than the absolute best is unacceptable to us when it comes to providing for our customers. The staff here at Fence Factory Rentals is always on call to deliver the best possible service to you and the crews that depend on you. Call our office today at (805) 644-4617 to see how we can provide you with an excellent portable toilet rental experience.




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