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Those in the construction industry know all too well that there is a lot of careful preparation that goes into setting up a job site. In addition to renting portable toilets for workers to use over the duration of the project, there is also the matter of securing the location itself. This is where temp fencing comes in.

If you’re in the process of planning construction work and are in need of a temporary fence near Castaic, California, the ideal company to work with is Fence Factory Rentals. Whether your job is short-term, long-term, or somewhere in between, our skilled and knowledgeable staff is ready and able to assist you. Having provided high quality and cost-effective temporary fencing options for many years now, we are considered to be a top choice for property owners, local companies, independent contractors, and construction companies alike.

As an experienced rent a fence company, we maintain an unmatched inventory of Castaic temporary fences that accounts for our customers’ different requirements. Before being dispatched to the job location, all of our construction fencing rentals are carefully evaluated to help ensure that they meet our exacting quality standards. With in-depth industry knowledge and superior workmanship, we have no doubt that we can meet your needs while surpassing your expectations. Our incredible fence rental team is dedicated to making sure that the entire process, from scheduling to initial installation and end-of-project removal, is handled appropriately and without causing our customers undue stress.


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Temporary Fencing Near Me

With a number of fence rental options available, the question becomes which is best suited for your particular project. For shorter projects, as well as those where strict site security isn’t much of a concern, we suggest considering our frequently-rented freestanding chain-link fence panels. This temporary fencing near Castaic typically works quite well for home renovation jobs as well as fairly minor construction projects in general. Our panels come in 12 feet and 14-feet lengths, and in heights of 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet in line with industry conventions.

Among the many advantages of freestanding temp fences is the flexibility they offer in terms of configuring the desired layout. With some exceptions, this means that it is fairly easy to section off areas and delineate boundaries as you see fit. There is a bit of a trade off between flexibility and overall stability, however, as these panels are not meant to be securely affixed to whatever surface they’re on top of. As a means of mitigating any potential issues this may cause, we do offer gravel bags and sand bags. When placed on the panel base, their added weight helps enhance structural stability beyond what it would be otherwise.


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Castaic Rent a Fence

As useful as the freestanding chain-link fencing is, it usually isn’t an ideal choice for longer-term construction jobs, or those that require a higher level of site security. For situations such as these, post driven chain-link fences can be a great alternative. Those seeking to rent a fence near Castaic should know that the primary difference with post driven chain-link fencing is that it is secured into the ground using strong posts. These posts are situated ten feet apart, and driven two feet down into the surface. As with the freestanding panels, our post driven panels are available to rent in 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8-feet heights. We’ve had clients use our post-driven temp fences for extended periods of time without problem, and know that they can play an important role in keeping your location secure.

We’re also able to provide some valuable additions to our Castaic temporary fencing if needed by our customers. Such additions include tension wire, barbed wire, and top rail that can help further enhance the security that the fencing provides. If you’re thinking of incorporating barbed wire, please note that we can only offer it where permitted by zoning ordinances. For added construction site privacy, we also have effective privacy screening and slat panels that help prevent prying eyes from seeing more than you want them to.


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For decades now, Fence Factory Rentals has worked tirelessly to become a top choice for those in need of a Castaic temporary fence. Our team of fence rental professionals is grateful for the opportunity to work with so many customers throughout Castaic and provide quality temp fencing for their construction sites. We’re confident that if you give us the opportunity to assist you, you’ll not want to look anywhere else. To discuss your fence rental requirements, please use our online contact form or call (805) 644-4617.



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