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If you have a construction project and are in need of a temporary fence near Elmhurst in Ventura, California, there’s no better rental company to choose than Fence Factory Rentals. Regardless of the duration or complexity of your specific needs, our highly skilled and experienced team is here to assist you with our ample rental options. Over the years, construction companies along with local businesses, contractors, and homeowners throughout the Elmhurst area have relied on us for dependable, competitively-priced temp fencing solutions.

From the initial job scheduling through installation and finally removal, our fence rental team makes certain that the process is as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Our company has what it takes to provide temporary fencing superior to that of local competitors.

At Fence Factory Rentals, we pride ourselves on having an unbeatable selection of Elmhurst temporary fences to meet our customers’ various needs. Every rental is thoroughly inspected for quality assurance prior to on-time delivery at the job location. With our premium rental products, in-depth industry knowledge and top-quality workmanship, we’re confident that we can exceed your expectations.


Elmhurst temporary fencing with debris netting at a construction site.


Best Elmhurst Temporary Fencing

If you need a fence rental for a fairly short time period, such as with home renovation projects or minor construction, we suggest considering our highly popular freestanding chain-link fencing. The freestanding fence panels currently come in lengths of 12 feet or 14 feet, and are secured together to create the desired layout. Available panel heights are 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet, which are in accordance with industry standards.

Among the most advantageous aspects of this kind of temporary fencing near Elmhurst, Ventura is that it provides substantial flexibility when configuring it. Perimeters and sectioned off areas are, with rare exception, able to be set up as desired. This flexibility does come at the cost of some stability, however, as the panels are by design not securely fastened to the ground surface. As a means of reducing the likelihood of this becoming an issue, we offer sand and gravel bags whose weight at the panel base creates additional structural support.

Whereas some customers need short-term rentals, others have lengthier projects and/or jobs in which maintaining site security is of the utmost importance. In these situations, post driven chain-link fencing will likely be the better option. The central difference between post driven and freestanding temp fencing is that the former is secured firmly into the ground with durable posts that are carefully placed ten feet apart and two feet down. Post driven chain link is known to function well over the span of years if need be, and often does an excellent job of keeping construction sites well protected. Similar to the freestanding panels, our post driven fencing is available in heights of 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet.

Depending on customer needs, we also have top rail, barbed wire, and tension wire add-ons to further bolster the temporary fencing near Elmhurst. Please note that we can only supply fence rentals with barbed wire if it meets the specified zoning requirements. To help keep the job site as private as possible, we can provide customers with quality privacy slat panels and privacy screens that can effectively block a great deal of viewability from the outside.


Temporary fence rental near Elmhurst, Ventura, California with beige privacy screen in front of homes.


Top Rent a Fence near Elmhurst, Ventura CA – Fence Factory Rentals

Having served customers for decades now, Fence Factory Rentals is proud to be a top rent a fence company for Central and Southern California. Our team has had a wonderful experience working with the Ventura community and supplying premium fence rentals at their construction sites. Once you’ve experienced the Fence Factory Rentals Advantage for yourself, you’ll agree that there are truly no better Elmhurst fence rentals around. To discuss your needs with one of our friendly associates, please call (805) 644-4617 or fill out our website contact form.



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