Ventura Rent a Fence for Construction Sites in Santa Barbara and Ventura County.

At any given time, there are many industrial, commercial & residential construction projects taking place in Ventura, Santa Barbara and all across Ventura County CA. Since 1994, Fence Factory Rentals has provided quality temporary fencing for construction sites big and small, complex and simple. No other rent a fence in Ventura will offer you better rental products and customer service than us. Read on to learn what gives Fence Factory Rentals an advantage over the competition.

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Industry-Leading Ventura Rent a Fence Choices for Construction Sites

Recognizing that construction projects have varying site requirements, our Ventura rent a fence services feature numerous options to select from. Two of our most popular construction temp fence options are post driven chain-link fencing and freestanding chain-link fence panels. We highly recommend using the post driven temp fencing for lengthy construction projects in which maximizing security is important. The posts make the fence very sturdy, and along with top rail and tension wire keep the fence stable over time.

If your construction job is short-to-medium-term and needs fencing that can be rearranged, our freestanding panels are an excellent choice. These panels are connected using clamps at the top and stands at the bottom that can be strengthened with the use of gravel and/or sand bags. The freestanding panels are particularly useful in situations where its impossible to drive posts into the ground.

Our chain-link rent a fence options can be augmented with barbed wire (where allowed), privacy screens and slat panels, and debris netting. Barbed wire serves as a strong deterrent against people attempting to climb over the fence to access the construction site. Our privacy screens create a substantial amount of visual blockage and also help with dust control. Please note that if you are planning on using the privacy screen with the freestanding panels, you’ll want to utilize gravel and sand bags as the base to prevent the panels from tipping over. The privacy slats fit right into the chain-link and block even more visibility than the screens. Debris netting can be extremely important at a construction site, particularly one in which the work generates a lot of mobile dirt and rocks. The netting keeps the debris contained and helps ensure that it doesn’t escape the area.

With the great weather in Ventura County and Santa Barbara, pool construction is quite common. Our 5′ tall temporary pool fencing will keep the area secure until the time in which the permanent fence can be set up. With our Ventura County rent a fence experience, we’ve configured this pool fencing with non-climb mesh and posts that can be inserted into the soil or even welded directly to available flange plates. For an added security boost, we can also incorporate top rail and/or tension wire.

Ventura Rent a Fence for Construction Sites in Santa Barbara and Ventura County.
Ventura Rent a Fence for Construction Sites in Santa Barbara and Ventura County.
Ventura Rent a Fence for Construction Sites in Santa Barbara and Ventura County.

Fence Rentals in Ventura Keep Your Construction Site Safe & Secure

Our Ventura rental fences are extremely beneficial for all sorts of construction sites, helping to maintain safety, security and privacy. The chain-link temp fences create boundaries in and around the construction site, decreasing the likelihood of trespassing and theft and also preventing anyone from getting into dangerous areas where they could potentially get hurt. Additionally, while the debris netting helps keep the construction work contained within the proper area, the privacy screen prevents outsiders from seeing what you don’t want them to see.

Ventura Rent a Fence Company Proudly Serving Ventura County & Santa Barbara CA

Why choose our company for your rent a fence Ventura needs? With our top-quality products, exceptional customer service and industry knowledge, we provide you with a high-value, stress-free construction rental experience. Our primary goal is to satisfy all of our customers, no matter their specific needs. Our staff is well-trained, highly skilled and dedicated to always giving their very best efforts. Give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly team members and set up your construction fence rentals.

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